CH Bluecollar’s Texan Bad Boy (“Bodie”)

Am Mex Ven CH Draco Bad Boy TT ex. CH TADDs Bluecollar Liberty Bell

DOB 11/28/2005


Bodie’s Health – Testing:

OFA Cardian (12/207) – NORMAL – No murmur detected (Charla Jones, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty-Cardiology) BX-CA1476/24MC-PI

24 hour Holter monitor (/) – COMING SOON

ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy) DNA Test (9/2010) – NEGATIVE (-/-) (Kathryn Meurs, DVM, PhD Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty-Cardiology).


OFA Thyroid (4&5/2008) 2 1/2 years old) – Clinical Findings Normal/Blood Results – Positive Compensative Autoimmune Thyroiditis (14% T4 normal/14% T3 high Autoantibody) – Due to Bodie’s slightly low T4, Free T4, Free T3 and slightly elevated T3 Antoantibody, we gave been instructed by his veterinarians to add a thyroid supplement to Bodie’s diet. (Julie E. Striekert, DVM & Larry Wood, DVM).  This will insure that Bodie has appropriate thyroid levels in his body for normal metabolism and fertility and to help avoid muscle breakdown and arrhythmias associated with low thyroid levels.  Interestingly, T4, Free T4, and TSH can be normal during the early onset (animals approximately 1-4 years of age) of primary hypothyroidism.  This makes it important for breeders to retest their boxer’s thyroid at age 5 years or older if looking for accurate thyroid function.  We feel, having detected this thyroid disorder early and treating it with thyroid supplementation, Bodie will be able to live a long, happy and healthy boxer life!  Although this is considered to be a genetic trait passed down from a parent, there is still not much known about what pups may be affected in any given litter and management of symptoms is as easy as giving thyroid hormone tablet daily to an affected boxer.  With Bodie’s other health testing being so impeccable, we have decided to keep him available as breeding stock.

OFA DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) DNA Test (5/2009) – NORMAL homozygous N/N (CLEAR)BX-DM255/41M-PI

DNA Profile # on file with AKC.

Health-Resting Documents provided to potential breeders under agreement, upon request to BlueCollar Boxers (Daniel and Wendy Still – San Antonio, TX)

Bodie has frozen semen available to approved boxer ladies.

Bodie lives with our friends and his co-owners, June and Chuck Yenko of San Antonio, TX