CH Bluecollar’s Gemini Rouler (“Gigi”)

CH Ellis’ Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler SOM CGC ex. CH Denbar’s Market Maker DOM

4/13/2003 – 4/16/2011

8 years (Degenerative Myelopathy)

Gigi’s Health-Testing:

OFA Cardiac (5/2007) – NORMAL – No Murmur detected (Charla Jones, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty-Cardiology) BX-CA1298/48F/C-PI

24 hour Holter monitor (4/2007) – GOOD – revealed 0 VPC’s (no runs or pairs) (Alba Medical).

Thryoid (4/2007) tested NORMAL (Julie E. Striekert, DVM).

OFA DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) DNA Test (5/2009) – AT RISK homozygous A/A & AFFECTED – beginning signs of the disease present 5/2010.

Health Testing results provided upon request to BlueCollar Boers (Daniel and Wendy Still – San Antonio, TX)

Gig was Co-Owned in Dallas, TX by Daniel Still and Patrice Mozelewski.  She loved to snuggle with her favorite people.  She was soft and sweet, and many times mistaken for a comfy pillow!  Gigi loved to play with toys with her Mama, Millie, and she loved to wrestle with her Daddy, Roller.

We love you sweet girl.