Sensory Training

Bio Sensory Training for Dogs:
Early Socialization of BlueCollar Boxer Puppies

The U. S. Military developed a program in the 1970’s called “Bio Sensor”. (Became publicly known and is often referred to as the “Super Dog” Program or Bio-Sensory Training for Dogs.)  The program was developed to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes.

Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects.  Their studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in lie when neurological stimulation has optimum results.  The first period involves a window of time that begins at the third day of life and lasts until the sixteenth day.  Is is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, it therefore is of great importance to the individual.

Bio-Sensor Practiced by BlueCollar Boxers:

We incorporate the Bio-Sensor or Super Dog Program into our socialization and temperament development regimen.  The Bio Sensor program is very simple to implement, easily fits into our rearing process and supports our values.

Below are the six Bio Sensor exercises designed to stimulate the neurological system of the puppy.  We incorporate these exercises into our daily puppy routine.  Each puppy is gently put through the following exercises once daily and the program is complete before the puppy goes to their new, forever home.

Bluecollar Boxers - Tactile Stimulation image

1.  Tactile Stimulation

Hold the puppy in one hand, the handler gently stimulates (tickles) the pup between the toes on any one foot using a Q-tip.  It is not necessary to see that the pup is feeling the tickle.

Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.


Bluecollar Boxers - Head Held Erect image

2.  Head Held Erect

Using both hands, the puppy is held perpendicular to the ground, (straight up), so that its head is directly above its tail.  This is an upwards position.

Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.



Bluecollar Boxers - Head Pointed Down image

3.  Head Pointed Down

Hold the puppy firmly with both hands.  The head is reversed and is pointed downward so that it is pointing towards the ground.

Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.




Bluecollar Boxers - Supine Position image

4.  Supine Position

Hold the puppy so that its back is resting in the palm of both hands with its muzzle facing the ceiling.  The pup while on it back is allowed to sleep struggle.
Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.


Bluecollar Boxers - Thermal Stimulation image

5.  Thermal Stimulation

Use a damp towel that has been cooled in a refrigerator for at least five minutes.  Place the puppy on the towel, feet down.  Do not restrain it from moving.  (See additional notes below.)
Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.


Bio-Sensory Training for Dogs improves the development of the puppy’s neurological systems by early stimulation and stress.  Five benefits have been observed in dogs that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Performance
  • Stronger Heart Beats
  • Stronger Adrenal Glads
  • More Tolerance to Stress
  • Greater Resistance to Disease.

Please keep in mind that this is not a substitute for socialization and handling of the puppies. The Bio Sensor method is a well-documented puppy development tool.  Many puppies bred for field, security and guide work are introduced to the Bio Sensor Program as part of their development.

“…It has been shown that breeders should be guided by the rule that it is generally considered prudent to guard against under and over stimulation…During their first two months of life, a conservative approach would be to expose them to children, people, toys and other animals on a regular basis.  Handling and touching all parts of their anatomy is also a necessary part of their learning which can be started as early as the third day of life.  Pups that are handled early and on a regular basis generally do not become hand-shy as adults.”

-Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, Comments on Early Neurological Stimulation

 Additional Information

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For more information: Read this article: Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia