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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Your responses will only be used by BlueCollar Boxers.  We breed carefully and infrequently, so please understand that we want to match excellent pets to excellent homes.

Also, we will give preference to homes willing to show.  if you’ve only thought about a pet, please inquire about special arrangements that can be made that will place a boxer in your home that we believe will be a future champion.


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Since a boxer is to become a full member of the family, are all members in agreement with the purchase and will each provide proper care?


Will you agree to spay or neuter your pet?


Do you have a fenced yard? Not having one will not automatically keep us from placing a boxer with you.)


If no, explain how you plan to handle potty time & exercising:

Where will your dog spend most of his day?

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Will you be willing to use a crate for training your puppy, as instructed?


Although boxers are short-haired, they do shed and sometimes slobber (especially when stressed, after drinking & when over-heated) and it will get on the walls, etc.

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