CH Ellis’ Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler SOM CGC (“Roller”)

CH Caymans Texas Ranger SOM ex. Caymans Sweet Autumn Night POM

2/18/2000 – 12/18/2010

10 years 10 months (Splenic Hemangiosarcoma)

“Roller” (aka “Let The Good Time Roll”) came to BlueCollar Boxers from Cajun country, Luling, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans.  Doug and Rhonda Ellis had saved this puppy as pick and we were lucky that they decided to place him in a loving show home.  Memorial Day weekend 2000, we found him on Sunday afternoon, decided we couldn’t pass up that top line and tailset, and started our non-stop, 29-hour, round trip, express drive from San Antonio to New Orleans at about 8pm Sunday night.

This was our first show dog, and we had more to learn than we could imagine! Roller was very patient with Dan as they both rambled around the show ring. Special thanks to Owen and Gina Proctor of Virgo Boxers for all their selfless guidance past and present. With their help, Dan and Roller earned several points together, then when the time was right, Roller was expertly handled through his major wins by Professional Handlers, Terri Galle and Robert Chaffin.

Roller exemplifies the breeding philosophy here at BlueCollar. Temperament first, he possesses steadfast courage, unquestioned loyalty, wariness of strangers (then melting into a spine-bending wiggle the second the stranger is invited in as a friend!) Currently training in agility and obedience, his willingness to please his handler is amazing! I wish our other boxers were this attentive! Roller’s conformation emphasizes bite and headpiece, strong, short back, high tailset, strength and form maintained during movement, and medium size.

We believe in testing our breeding boxers for boxer cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy (as of Summer 2008 – now that we have a DNA test for it), and thyroid abnormalities.

Rollers Health Testing:

Cardiologist Auscultation/Echo (3/2008) – NORMAL

Flow Rate (Aortic Valve):  1.9

Possible innocent flow murmur – no visible lesion or heart enlargement.

Pulmonic Valve Flow Rate – NORMAL: 0.8 m/sec

Average Aortic Valve Flow Rate – NORMAL: 1.85 m/sec (Min 1.7 m/sec – Max 2.0 m/sec)

No SAS detected upon Echo (Charla Jones, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty-Cardiology).

24 hour Holter monitor (8/2002) – GOOD – revealed only 5 VPC’s (no runs or pairs) Luiz Braz-Ruivo, DVM Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty-Cardiology).

24 hour Holter monitor (12/2007) – GOOD – reveal only 64 VPC’s  (no runs or pairs) (ALBA Medical).

ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy) DNA Test (/ ) – No Results available at this time

OFA Hips (3/2002) – GOOD (Larry Wood, DVM). BX-2620G25M-PI

Thyroid tested (7/2002) – NORMAL (Peter Hey, DVM).

Thyroid tested (4/2010) – NORMAL (Julie Striekert, DVM).

OFA DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) DNA Test (8/2008) – CARRIER heterozygous A/N  BX-DM79/101M-PI-CAR

DNA Profile # on file with AKC.

Health-Testing results provided upon request to BlueCollar Boxers (Daniel and Wendy Still – San Antonio, Texas).

Roller has frozen semen available to approved boxer ladies.

Roller lived here with us at BlueCollar his whole life and was owned by us (Daniel and Wendy Still).  He was our constant companion, the Cornerstone of our breeding program, and the best friend we had ever known.  We will carry you in our hearts for all eternity our beloved boy!

He enjoyed having his ears rubbed like none of our other boxers; he could lay for hours letting you rub them while he groaned with content! He also loved playing with our two children and all the boxer children and grandchildren that would come to visit Daddy Roller or Grandpa Roller!