CH Denbar’s Market Maker DOM (“Millie”)

CH Virgo’s Market Boomer SOM ex. CH Denbar’s Diamond Robbery POM

4/13/2000 – 3/16/2009

8 years 11 months (Degenerative Myelopathy)

Millie came to BlueCollar Boxers under high expectations.  Millie was selected to become the foundation bitch for our kennel, and has she ever proven herself!  In addition to obvious strength and beauty, she brings BlueCollar a working focus and drive that we consider an essential trait in our breeding program.

Millie’s Health Testing:

OFA Cardiac (7/2002) – NORMAL – No Murmur detected (Kyle Brayley, DVM Specialty-Cardiology) BX-CA1301/27F/C-NOPI

24 hour Holter monitor (8/2002) – GOOD – revealed 0 VPC’s (no runs or pairs) (Luis Braz-Ruivo, DVM Diplomate ACVIM, Specialty- Cardiology).

ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventericular Cardiomyopathy) DNA Test – CARRIER Positive heterozygous (+/-) – based on the genetics of her offspring.

Hip X-Ray (6/2008) – GOOD/NORMAL – Coxofemoral joints normal-tight ball and socket noted in right and left hip region (Julie E. Striekert, DVM).

Hip X-Ray (9/2002) – GOOD/NORMAL (Larrry Wood, DVM)

OFA Thryoid (6/2008) – NORMAL (Julie E. Striekert, DVM)

Thyroid tested (7/2002) – NORMAL (Peter Hey, DVM)

OFA DM (Degenerative Melopathy) DNA Blood Test (8/2008) – AT RISK homozygous A/A & AFFECTED – beginning signs of the disease present 6/2008.

Degenerative Melopathy is a terrible disease that affects Boxers and several other breeds later i life.  It is very similar to Multiple Sclerosis in humans.  Now that breeders know more about the disease, we are doing genetic testing for it and trying to carefully remove it from our breeding.  This usually takes time, but we here at BlueCollar are doing all we can to ensure that the smallest percentage of our boxers have to go through what Millie id.  Millie was a fighter up tot he very end.  She did her DM exercise therapy with Lisa and Eddie just like the good girl that she was.  She took her DM medications with her food every day with no fuss.  She wore her rubber booties every day to help her rip when she walked, when her rear legs got so bad that she had trouble controlling them.  through all this she still remained the same happy, loving, Millie, that we all remember.  It was only the last few months that the disease decided to progress at an enormously rapid rate, and it was just more than Millie could stand.  We all made the decision to help Millie over the Rainbow Bridge where she would be able to run and play with strength and vigor all over again.

Health Testing results provided upon request to BlueCollar Boxers (Daniel and Wendy Still, San Antonio, Texas).

Millie was owned by Bill and Marie Hargreaves of Denbar Boxers until the age of 2 years when we (Daniel and Wendy Still) purchased her for our breeding foundation.  She lived here with us at BlueCollar as our beloved pet and beautiful show-girl.  She was full of life and a joy to be around.  As of turning 6 years old, Millie was spayed and enjoyed her show dog retirement here in San Antonio, Texas as a pampered pet with our good friends Lisa and Eddie.  She had found the perfect forever family that loved her and played ball with her practically every day (that was Millie’s part of the negotiation).  Thank you, Lisa and Eddie for providing out Millie with such a wonderful home and so much love and attention.  She was with Lisa and Eddie until almost the age of 9 years, upon which she passed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting for us when our time comes.  We love you, Princess.  Keep the ball ready for us because when we meet again, the game is on!

Champion Kids, Kids with Outstanding Achievements Outside the Show Ring, and Up and Coming Kids

The Launch Litter – 4/13/2003

Pups at 8 weeks

CH Bluecollar’s Starship Mercury CD RA NA NAH CGC TT (Star) – show (fawn)

CH Bluecollar’s Grand Endeavor CGC (Hans) – show (fawn)

CH Bluecollar’s Gemini Rouler (Gigi) – show (brindle)

Bluecollar’s Spirit of Apollo (Apollo) – show/pet (fawn)

Bluecollar’s Odyssey Erica (Erica) – pet (brindle)

(Luke) – pet

(Sophie) – Delta Society Therapy Dog – pet


The Outlaw Litter – 3/30/2005

Pups at 8 weeks

CH Bluecollar’s Usual Suspect (Capone) – show (fawn)

CH Bluecollar’s Diamond Larceny (Derby) – show (fawn)

Bluecollar’s Kleopatra (Kleo) – pet (fawn)

Bluecollar’s the Jig Is Up (Ali) – pet (brindle)


The Graceland Litter – 11/30/2005

Pups at 6 weeks

CH Bluecollar’s Devil in Disguise (Priscilla AKA Prissy) – show (brindle)

Bluecollar’s All Shook Up (Elvis) – show (fawn)

Bluecollar’s Love Me Tender (Graceland AKA Gracie) – pet (fawn)

(Allie AKA Ginger) – pet

(Roxxi AKA Tiffany) -pet

(Gretta) – pet